61, born in Rimini, she has lived for over 50 years in Milan. After working for more than twenty years in a multinational telecommunication company she has realised that, given the predominance of the economy, the world could not be changed only by political commitment. She left her job and for 20 years has worked in voluntary activities which can contribute concretely to building a better world, in particular to fair trade which allows building human and business relationships that enrich both partners equally and to business ethics which considers money not an end but a means to implement projects which are useful for the community and the environment. Recently, however, she has become aware that these activities are not enough, as the planet’s natural resources will be exhausted soon because of our insane way of living and consuming. A few months ago she took up a new way of living: leaving Milan to move to the countryside, in a village on the hills of Parma, where it is possible to live in a more sustainable way with the environment, in harmony with nature and with all living beings.