Solar pumps accessories

Each model of solar pump is supplied on demand with a series of accessories designed to allow the best use. Like pipes, fittings, pumping of background, filters, kit for drip irrigation, and more. Upon request for a quote, the customer must take care to indicate how much water he needs every day, if it has a store, if the water is drawn from a well or from other sources, whether it is a well, indicate the depth, to report if there is sand in the water or other types of pollutants, at which distance should the water be pushed away from the solar pump. If there are height differences, if necessary to provide a drip system for the type of ground and for which type of culture. Through these and any other more information, we indicate in our estimate also all the accessories that we consider necessary to meet the needs of the customer.

Some of the accessories are described or referred to in the technical specifications of the various models of solar pump. And since in these sheets is shown the specifications, weight, dimensions and tubing sizes for each machine, wanting for some specific accessories of common use, the customers can also organize with their own material.

In detail, the accessories of our solar pumps are the following:

  • Drip irrigation kit, available with manual or with mechanical programmer. It is a kit designed for about 300 square meters of cultivation and built in order to be assembled with other kits to cover larger surfaces.
  • Polypropylene filters, with stainless mesh filters or discs, for tubes 1 inch or ¾ inch.
  • Steel sand trap filters, with sand collector, for tubes 1 inch or ¾ inch.

Drip irrigation kit


Polypropylene filters

Steel sand trap filters