NOVA SOMOR srl has no competitors. Our approach, the one that has led us to have a broad shareholder structure, to not patent our inventions and our technical solutions, and therefore to have an “open” mind for business enables us to enjoy a privileged status with no competitors, but only possible collaborations. We would like solar or waste heat engine technology, driven by volatile gases, to be disseminated as much as possible. At all levels. Remember that this is not a recent technology and that we owe a lot to the brilliant Italian pioneers who preceded us. This is also why we do not protect our work with patents. We have found technical solutions that offer the best return at the lowest cost, but the story began long ago and we want it to continue with the contribution from anyone who would like to work with it.

Therefore we invite companies, professionals, technicians and anyone else wishing to work in this field to get in touch with us. Even those who want to produce exactly what we do, because we will give you a hand. The market is large and NOVA SOMOR srl could never cover it all and so our experience will be valuable for anyone who wants to grapple with solar engine technologies and volatile gas thermodynamic systems. The principles to be applied are simple, but there are performance problems such as friction, gasket sealing, machine optimisation and much more besides that those who want to work with us can avoid, both in terms of wasted time and costs.


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