ns2 solar pump

The NS2 Solar Pump is characterized by its simplicity and ease of use. Thanks to the archetectural design and specific surface treatment, it’s resistant to harsh climates and weather. Because of its size, it can be placed in a fixed location, even if it has wheels for easy movement. The same wheels allow it to be well placed to increase its efficiency and daily production. It’s easy to install and use, in fact, the NS2 uses 3 flat panels, and you can add more if the thermodynamic engine needs more power. So, to some extent, you can set the machine to whatever daily output is desired.

The size, the weight and other features are listed in the NS2 technical file and brochure for download in the download area. They are currently available or are being developed. Various other versions of NS2, for use at wells of different depths, are being gradually added to our brochures.

Various irrigation kits, pipes, and water filtration systems, available on request, make up the range of facilities on offer along with the NS2.

Look at the video “NS2 Solar Pump – Guide to the correct assembly” »