ns3 solar pump

The NS3 Solar Pump works by waste heat or “lost heat”. It uses the hot water coming from the cooling of an internal combustion engine or a cogenerator, by cooling any industrial process or from a boiler. The NS3 is built with the thermodynamic engine, its pump for recirculation of liquified gas and the hydraulic pump, all 3 on the same axis, with the addition of another heat exchanger for hot water. Exchangers and displacements may vary in relation to the amount of lost heat available and the amount of water or other liquid that will be handled.

So there aren’t solar collectors panels nor burners nor boilers. Everywhere there is a good amount of heat and cool liquid available, the NS3 can provide useful mechanical work.

The size, weight and other features are listed in the technical file and in the brochure that can be downloaded from the download area.

Various irrigation kits, pipes, and water filtration systems, available on request, make up the range of facilities on offer along with the NS3.