Nova Somor was invited to participate at the festival “Ecofuturo” which was held from September 1st to the 6th at Alcatraz, the structure created by Jacopo Fo in the Umbrian hills between Gubbio and Perugia. The section of the festival which we were asked to take part was entitled “Technologies for the southern hemisphere, peace and solidarity.” Roberto Belardinelli and I were very happy Sunday morning to present the technology of solar pumps Nova Somor.

Once there, we were surprised to see the positive atmosphere and the emotional involvement of people involved in the event. There were entrepreneurs,very prepared technicians, national and European politicians and other experts that submitted data, information and technical solutions on the same table. It ‘was amazing to see how the politicians, who usually come only for presence communicating abstract thoughts, typical of their profession, were committed on the concrete.

Pubblico al festival "Ecofuturo"

Senator Gianni Girotto intervened speaking of energy with very interesting data, while the Member of European Parlament Dario Tamburrano presented, as well as a lot of data, a new technology to cook with any fuel, without smoke and high efficiency lighting directly on stage one “Elsa Stove”. It is a pyrolytic kitchen stove, cheap and very easy to implement and whose designs are available on the Internet. Thanks to the biomass gasification is obtained a flame that does not smoke and that easily reaches 600 degrees of temperature.

The technology, also known as the “perfect fire”, came to the attention of the FAO that will promote the diffusion especially in Africa, where because of the smoke generated by cooking fires thousands of people die from intoxication every year. Finally, the thing that certainly made us more pleasure, was to see that someone is working to create a network of networks for the change of the economic paradigm, environmental and social, both in Italy and in the world.

The festival Ecofuturo was streamed on the Web and in these days the festival site exceeded one million and seven hundred thousand views. The idea that has been exposed by Michele Dotti, Jacopo Fo, Daniel Taron and other organizers of the event, is to network companies, associations, politicians and many others who are committed to change, so that the critical mass can increase the visibility of new solutions and their diffusion.