Aberration of consumerism and the ideology of continued growth have caused a great deal of damage in just a few decades, both in terms of environmental impact and the frenzied exploitation of resources. We are already feeling the effects of this, but future generations will pay an even higher price. It is as if we went to a restaurant and ate as much as we could, then walked out and left our grandchildren to pay the bill. It is not just about a financial burden that we are dealing with, a debt to manage, but also periods of scarcity, climate change, pollution, disease and many other unpleasant things.

Nova Somor wants to help clarify the approach to energy, in terms of both our perception and the language associated with it, which is currently distorted by marketing needs and the “robber economy” that we are happily practicing. Some claim to create energy, as if they were gods and obviously that is not true. Others say we must take advantage of the energy, a stupid and chimerical illusion, because you still pay a high price, although it might be paid by someone else in other parts of the planet or by future generations. Others are always looking for new energy production methods and technologies, which is pointless as there is already so much available everywhere.

First, we should reduce the huge amount of waste currently occurring and try to maintain a well-balanced standard of living whilst consuming less energy. We should then identify more gentle sources of renewable energy. Using free energy provided by the sun within the limits of our natural needs is a good example. That is precisely what NOVA SOMOR wants to demonstrate and do with its solar engines.