Being born in the age of electricity is really fortunate, there are so many comforts. Just press a button and the light comes on, an engine starts, an appliance is ready to be used. But this privilege, which is reserved only to a part of humanity, has a high environmental impact and social cost. To create electricity oil, gas and coal are burnt, large dams are built, the atom has been split, and we make wars for supplies and keep under control entire populations thanks to meters and electric bills. Not to mention the omnipresent electromagnetic pollution. A comfort which comes with a really high price, but finally…


Nova Somor was created with the intent of replacing electricity with sunlight, which is abundant, free and therefore with no need of “meters”, wherever it is possible and convenient. We study and redesign, by updating them, the valuable technologies developed in Italy during the last century and which were swept away from the 60s by the arrogance of electricity and fossil fuels. These were the years of the economic boom and since then consumerism has reigned, with the illusion that the world, its resources and the biosphere are endless. Today, many are becoming aware of how dangerous it is to cultivate a similar illusion and bio-economy is being rediscovered; that is an economy that for its actions takes into account any impact it generates on the ecosystem, the biosphere and people, and that especially focuses on the impact it has on future generations. This is why we have taken up one of the slogans by Nicholas Gergescu Roegen, the father of bio-economy, as our own: “Love the future generations as yourself”.