Nova Somor won the first edition of Klimahouse Startup Award. The jury, coordinated by the Scientific Director of the Innovation Days Klimahouse Luca Barbieri, has awarded the Innovation radical constituted by our low-temperature thermodynamic engine applied to the lifting of the waters, or the solarpump. No electricity or fuel, no CO2 emissions. Nothing pv panels or other expensive materials to be disposed, the solarpump works directly with the energy of the sun. Then a radical invention and not “derived” from others.

The competition was attended by about seventy Italian start up. Nova Somor was selected among the 10 finalists, so taking advantage of the possibility of a free stand at the Startup Klimahouse Area in 2017. We then passed the final selection for the final and, thanks to the votes of the jury, we won in Greennovation and Egg Technology, the other two startups get to the final on January 27 afternoon. Nova Somor has thus won the first edition of the award, promoted by Fiera Bolzano IDM Alto Adige and Blum, dedicated to the Italian startup that work every day for a green and sustainable future. The victory will allow Nova Somor inclusion in the network of Klimahouse through participation as exhibitors and speakers (with all the costs of travel and accommodations included) to Klimahouse 2018, exhibition and as speakers to the stage ComoCasaClima, to visibility of communication tools of Klimahouse 2018 (video, social, advertising on the website and catalog) and a Competency Mapping by IDM, South Tyrolean agency innovation.

The whole jury was particularly impressed with the top level of the innovative ideas in the race. Opening the final speech waas the meteorologist Luca Mercalli, who thus urged startups: “Do not just do innovation and just threaten to slip into” greenwashing”, but demonstrate with numbers the real benefits that your products can lead to heat “environment”.

A jury very qualified and competent

Judging by the nominations it was a jury composed of teachers, innovation experts, journalists. The jury, coordinated by Luca Barbieri, as Scientific Director, consisted of: Antonio Cianci, founder Airlite; Luca Mercalli, meteorologist, researcher and adviser; Chiara Tonelli, Professor of Architectural Technology at the Department of Architecture of the University of Roma Tre; Timothy O’Connell, head of H-Farm accelerator programs; Ulrich Santa, director of CasaClima Agency, public structure of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano in charge of energy certification of buildings; Thomas Mur, director of Fiera Bolzano; Michael Plank, Plank President; Hubert Hofer, Director Development Department IDM; Giulia Cimpanelli, Corriere della Sera; Archangel Rociola, journalist of AGI, Italian Journalistic Agency.

New applications for thermodynamic engine Nova Somor

The new visibility achieved by Nova Somor within the green building opens the door to new applications of our technologies. The meetings with potential partners and requests collected during and after the fair Klimahouse considerably extend the range of application of our thermodynamic engine. The ability to operate in off grid mode, even at night thanks to the combustion of biomass or use of lost-hot, make it interesting our machines even in areas so far unexplored. We have received requests to generate electricity, to cool environments, for lifting water from tanks of rainwater collection and other applications still. For a small start-up like us it is challenging and expensive activitie in terms of money and time spent, but in the future these activities strengthen our ability to stay even in the domestic market. Until now we have concentrated on the development of the international market, considering it the only one able to absorb the large production we want to achieve, today we see interesting opportunities in Italy.

Giordano Mancini
Rimini January 31th 2017