NOVA Somor srl is a company and as such operates following the rules and laws that relate to its legal form and the type of organisation that it has implemented. However it is a new kind of company, one that no one has ever seen! It is a for-profit entity, but very close to social business, which invents things, but patents them as little as possible, and in any case, patents or not, it remains extremely open to collaborations and cultural and active contributions from people who find our Project interesting.

So anyone interested in joining because he/she is a thermodynamics expert, because he/she has innovative ideas on how to use our products or services, because he/she would like to give us an assignment to develop an idea or a technological solution, because he/she wants to invest in this specific business, because he/she wants to start and coordinate a cooperation project with institutions or nations where the Solar Pump may be useful or for any other reason at all, get in touch with Giordano Mancini at the following addresses.


Strategy, business development and cultural activities
Giordano Mancini
Tel: +39 335 588 9401

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