Since its foundation Nova Somor has focused on the development of solar pumps small to medium size, suitable to serve the isolated farms, small farmers and ranchers and villages around the world, especially in poor countries in tropical regions. But talking with a focus centered on the theme of reducing environmental impact and the reduction of CO2 emissions, we must prepare for the future also different challenges. For example, in Australia there are water problems to solve much larger dimensions than those we are facing now.

Our importer with whom we have signed a few months ago an exclusive contract for Australia, the Dedica Global Trade of Perth, is analyzing the local market before starting the import and it identified very challenging needs for Nova Somor . For example in the Frankland River area, about 300 km south of Perth, Dedica Global Trade has identified a potential customer, interested in our technologies. It is a farmer with a property of about 10,000 hectares with cultivations of various kind and farms. In the territory there is only brackish water and irrigates thanks to rainwater accumulations. Within the customer’s property there are water channeling works.

Those works seem of two-lane roads, leveled to the millimeter from specific machines that give the necessary slope according to the orography of the terrain in order to precisely channel the rain water which then will go ‘to end in a collecting basin. The collection reservoirs are interconnected by a hydraulic system that uses diesel engine to pump and then move water from one tank to another or to irrigate. The need expressed by the customer is to have solar pumps based on our thermodynamics technology capable of replacing diesel engines used for moving the water and provide tens of thousands of liters every day.

Only this company, as many of its kind in Australia, uses every year about 150.000l of diesel for its tractors and its hydraulic pumps, with easily imaginable CO2 emissions. It is a major challenge for Nova Somor, which requires capital and time to develop new larger size eliopompe, however we will try in the future to respond appropriately.

Giordano Mancini
Rimini June 13th 2016

Sunset in the territories of Frankland River in Australia

Sunset in the territories of Frankland River in Australia

Photo above: Salvatore Montalbano of Dedica Global Trade (left) and his potential customer in front of a tractor in the Frankland River region about 300 km from Perth in Australia.