In addition to the history of SOMOR which we have referred to, we must also consider the story of the two promoting partners:

During approximately thirty-five years of work, Roberto Belardinelli has designed, prototyped and put into production, directly or through third parties, over one hundred inventions, of which around twenty have been patented in various sectors. His ability to “think out of the box”, when identifying new solutions is greatly appreciated by his customers as is his competence and precision in creating prototypes in the workshop.

Giordano Mancini, during his thirty years of work, besides acquiring skills in the energy sector as a control and quality assurance manager in yards for the construction of nuclear power plants and oil rigs, has trained and advised at least 150 companies in different sectors. During recent years he has coordinated several research projects, linking businesses to universities.

Experience is therefore the basis of our ability to deliver high quality services, combined with the workshop equipment, the technicians and software programs for industrial design by RBuno of Belardinelli, with which Nova Somor shares its headquarters. Another strong point is the network of relationships with research centres, universities, companies and certification bodies, a social capital acquired over the years both by Mancini and Belardinelli, which allows us to quickly find what our clients need (and which we do not have in-house), without the need to resort to long and risky scouting activities.


The principles of thermodynamics and the obvious opportunity for economic and ecological advances through their application are easy to understand. It is a different matter when dealing with their practical realisation. Sealing problems arise together with reliability, compatibility between materials, the actual calculation of returns, unexpected costs, toxicity or environmental impact of gas and materials ones, and more.

Nova Somor offers its customers thirty years of experience of its engineers, its design office, its workshop and its social capital consisting of excellent suppliers and of relationships with universities, institutions, laboratories and professionals specialised in specific areas. We are able to design a product from scratch and to bring it up to mass production, including the construction of a prototype, carrying out any laboratory tests and issuing product or safety certifications. On the other hand, we can limit ourselves to designing and problem solving on specific, more limited assignments, collaborating with the customer’s technical department. We are also open to collaborations and available for partnerships, provided these are in line with our principles and our vision.


Nova Somor srl was born in Italy and is proud to work in the most beautiful country, and certainly the most creative, in the world. We intend to grow and create jobs in our country, but the fact that our type of product is particularly suitable for warm countries, such as Africa, much of Asia and South America, must be taken into consideration. It doesn’t seem logical to move containers of material from one continent to another, causing the emission of tons of CO2. We will certainly do so if necessary, but we would prefer to teach how to produce, or at least assemble, our products on site.

We are therefore open to the possibility of creating workshops, industrial departments, etc. in whatever part of the world we may be required. Whether on demand from individuals or for international projects to support poor countries.


The current headlong changes, which some still insists on calling a crisis, as if there were a chance to return to the economy that prevailed before 2008, is pushing many companies to their knees and, above all, many entrepreneurs. The thing that amazes those like us with a vantage point, thanks to direct relationships with dozens of companies, is that many of the companies in difficulty could actually stay on the market without too much trouble.

It is almost always the wrong choices, the cultural problems that soon turn into sales problems and therefore into turnover and liquidity problems. The first problem that we have discovered is the entrepreneur’s difficulty in changing, as he often clings to his beliefs and tries to hold on allowing cosmetic changes only. The famous “green washing”, the green rinse on products and marketing, actually stems from this: many entrepreneurs think it is more profitable to pretend to go along with the change, mistaking it for a passing fad, rather than getting serious. Others do not know where to start, because this change is deep and complex and they have not understood it completely.

Nova Somor can concretely help entrepreneurs to get serious and to learn to live with the change, discovering that taking things seriously allows remaining on the market and earning too!


Do not hesitate to contact us, even just for any clarification and/or further information about what we do…


Design and prototyping
Creating new workshops or production departments
Consulting, training and project coordination