Solar engines and thermodynamic systems with volatile gases


NOVA SOMOR solar pump:
water flows from the sun

We raise water from wells, lakes, canals and reservoirs
with direct energy from the sun, thanks to the thermodynamics of volatile gases.


No electricity or fuel, no CO2 emissions. No photovoltaic panels or other expensive materials to be disposed of at the end of their life, the Solar Pump works directly with the sun’s energy.


The Nova Somor Solar Pump doesn’t need to be manned: just start it with a couple of small pushes on the manual system when the sun is hot enough and then it turns itself off if there is no sun or no water.


Completely mechanical and free of controls, apart from the water tap, the Nova Somor Solar Pump is simple to use and is ideal for watering gardens of all kinds, small fields, to fill reservoirs or containers for drip irrigation, for agricultural or civil use.




Young people with 100 years of experience!
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Latest news

Towards the light

The scientific and technical world should begin to make the “big step” to leave the electricity and go towards the light as it is. In the light there is already all the energy that has always served and that there always will need until the sun will continue to send it to us. Light symbolically makes us to be born, it is said, “came to light,” it nourishes us allowing photosynthesis to the plants, makes us confident in the world because it allows us to see. And now let us generate useful work thanks to thermodynamics.

Instead artificial energy such as electricity, which we did without for centuries, will bring us more and more problems because we impose a policy of not using natural, generating waste, pollution and exploitation of people and the planet’s resources. Conversely the natural energy of the light is not exploited, but is used in the best way. Using it to our solarpump, doing tests at our laboratory or at some well, we become aware day by day, that the light is beautiful, powerful and discreet, fast and clean.

It is considered normal in the current system to produce electricity using photovoltaics, that for every 1000 watts of energy that the sun sends us, recovers only 15 / 20%, only to throw away a significant amount in the inverter and transport to turn… a light! About 17% of the electric current produced by means of light, downstream of the losses, is again made to return light via a light bulb, an LED or other illuminating body. Maybe there are smarter solutions.

Semantics of energy

“Some say they create energy, as if they were gods. Others say that we need to harness energy, a stupid and chimerical illusion, because we would all pay a high price anyway! Many keep trying to find new methods and technologies to produce energy, but it is useless, because there is already so much available everywhere. Simply using the sun’s free energy within the limits of natural needs is the correct solution. Through its solar engines, NOVA SOMOR wants to do just that.”

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