Solar desalinator


The advancement of the marine wedge which makes brackish waters of the wells in different parts of the world and, more generally, the need for more freshwater, is an urgent topic for many people. Entire nations are more and more in difficulty by the scarcity of freshwater to drink and to irrigate the fields. Nova Somor has the opportunity to use their thermodynamic engines to pump water from wells, lakes, channels or directly from the sea and desalinate it through an innovative very promising way. Our system, differently then the traditional ones, doesn’t use electricity, or other types of fuels. When the desalination takes place on board of crafts, you can use the lost heat of the engines, largely scattered in sea water.

There are no specific limits or technological difficulties, but it’s all about design, develop, build and test a series of prototypes as we did for solar pumps. A financial commitment that an innovative start up like Nova Somor can afford when it has recovered the investments already made for the solar pumps. Once started, the development of solar desalinators may be fast, as the main component, the thermodynamic engine, is already in production.