The lack or shortage of equipment for storage of food, or other perishable products, is the main limit of the economic development of hot countries. What is produced or fished can not be transported and must be consumed quickly on site. The absence or the intermittent availability of electricity poses a major limitation to the spread of existing technologies for refrigeration. In the rest of the world the high electricity consumed for cooling and to produce air conditioning are a very sincere issue. CO2 emissions for this type of human activity are among the most incisive in the process of altering the climate. Nova Somor is able to design, develop and produce systems for refrigeration solar energy or lost heat based on our thermodynamic engines.

Great part of Nova Somor’s crew comes from the refrigeration industry, we therefore already have all the skills for the development of products such as those described above and also of innovative systems for the production of air conditioning, based always on our thermodynamic motors powered by solar energy or waste heat. For these ones the shipbuilding sector is particularly suitable. There are no specific limits or technological difficulties, but it’s all about develop, build and test a series of prototypes as we did for the solar pumps. A financial commitment that an innovative start up as Nova Somor is can afford when it has recovered the investments already made for solar pumps. Once started, the development of the chillers will be fast, as the main component, the thermodynamic engine, is already in production.