We are a group of people who has decided to establish a company that together with profit also brings change and improvement, both so much needed during these difficult times.

This is an adventure which was born at the end of 2013 thanks to Giordano Mancini and Roberto Belardinelli, who share the awareness that direct action is required in order to improve things, without waiting for actions or decisions that come from above or from others. Around the initial nucleus formed by Giordano and Roberto, a group of 13 other people has joined, each of whom has given a financial contribution for starting the company together with moral support and confidence in the project which is of paramount importance. Without them Nova Somor srl would not have existed.

So in July 2014, we began a start up with the innovative style and creative ability that only Italians have. We also had the good fortune of having roots on which to rely. We retied the threads of a history spanning more than 100 years of inventions in the field of low-temperature thermodynamics, which had been interrupted for 50 years by the sheer madness and illusions of consumerism.

Although not directly involved in the company, a part of the group of founding members has an active role consisting in sharing contacts and the knowledge useful for commercial development, continuous moral support, good advice and participation in the Project’s development. 15 of us founded Nova Somor: an unusually high number for a small innovative start up!

In November 2014 we launched a campaign of equity crowdfunding in order to finance the development of Nova Somor and we were successful. In addition to collecting the planned amount, thanks to the collaboration with the authorised CONSOB StarsUp portal, we also acquired an institutional investor as partner and an active member, who complements our corporate management.

Now our management consists of three elements who all act and operate in Nova Somor. Giordano Mancini chairs the Board and is in charge of communication strategies and commercial activities. Roberto Belardinelli is CEO and manages the technical office and prototype workshop, where new machines are designed, planned and built outside the box. Finally, our new member Alessandro Di Maiuta, who is also a managing director, brings to the company his valuable skills for the industrialisation and production of solar pumps and other Nova Somor products. Thus Nova Somor is effectively directed both at an administrative and at an operational level.

Thanks to the economic resources collected by the equity crowdfunding, it was possible to hire specialised staff thereby creating a highly qualified team that allows Nova Somor to face all the challenges that lie ahead in the international markets, in the laboratories where innovation is created and in the social world, where the Company wants to contribute to its improvement.