Nova Somor srl was also created in order to be a propeller for change. This is the reason why it cannot ignore cultural activities to be carried out in collaboration with like-minded subjects. Many of the actual problems that we face today and which are the cause of the need for change, have in fact a cultural or ideological origin. Together with our friends linked below, we develop events, publications and other activities in order to promote our common values and to raise awareness of our Project. Some of the people who participated in the launch of NOVA Somor srl and are therefore members, belong to some of the organisations or associations listed below or they are professionals or managers of companies that have our own kind of approach and our wish for a culture for change. This strengthens the network of relationships, and increases our strength in conveying ideas and information to a large number of people.

GSES: the voluntary association “Group for the History of Solar Energy” which Giordano Mancini is a part of and to whom we owe much of the historical information concerning low-temperature thermodynamics and the contacts with the heirs of the founders of SOMOR in 1949.

MDF: the Movement for Happy De-growth whose president and founder Maurizio Pallante is our partner. One of the fathers of the historical de-growth movement was Nicholas Georgescu Roegen who, in the 70s, coined the term “bio-economy”. NOVA SOMOR srl’s work fits precisely into the framework of this science and with its de-growth values.

GENITRONSVILUPPO: the green innovation 2.0 portal founded and directed by our partner Daniel Casarin, assisted by Giordano Mancini. This is a blog which is very rich in contents and which has the mission of informing and inspiring entrepreneurs, scholars, professionals and ordinary people regarding the most innovative topics concerning bio-economy and a truly “green” industrial production.

RAGIONIAMO CON I PIEDI: a company which designs, manufactures and markets “ecological, hypoallergenic and fair trade” footwear, set-up and conducted by our partner Gigi Perinello. It is one of the first companies to be FOUNDED for ethical and environmental reasons, whilst most companies simply acquire environmental or ethical certifications only because required by law or in order to sell to a broader range of customers who have become aware of certain issues. Nova Somor owes some of its basic values and the principles which it implements to the “Ragioniamo con i piedi (let’s reason with our feet)” Project.