Everything that moves in the sea by an endothermic engine disperses in water up to 80% of the thermal energy produced. The radiators of the marine engines are cooled with sea water as much as those of automobiles are cooled with air. The increasingly high cost of fuel and the high CO2 emissions are important issues, both for those involved in the specific area as well as for all of us. Nova Somor is in the ideal conditions to run their thermodynamic engines, since on board of a motor boat we always have heat waste, produced precisely by the engine, and the fresh water obtainable from the sea. It is about installing our systems on board of fishing vessels, pleasure boats and other types of vessel, in order to decrease fuel consumption and / or to produce other utilities on board. These can go from the pumping of the water, to the systems for the production of ice to air conditioning.

In the field of fishing vessels it is also available now at the project level executive retrofit to improve and speed the selection of fish and the subsequent reduction to almost zero mortality of fish unmarketable normally thrown back into the sea dead. Currently on fishing vessels not specialized, it is thrown back into the sea without life up to 80% of the catch. The system can be operated directly from a thermodynamic engine, which can also provide for the flow of sea water provided in the system itself, or from the engine board.

Nova Somor’s crew comes from the boating industry, we therefore already have all the skills needed for the development of products such as those described above. There are no specific limits or technological difficulties, but it’s about designing, developing, building and test a series of prototypes as has been done for solarpumps. A financial commitment that an innovative start up as Nova Somor is can afford when it has recovered the investments already made for solarpumps. Once started, the development of ecological systems for boating can be fast, as the main component, the thermodynamic engine, is already in production.