We frequently receive requests for supply of solar pumps and interest from missionaries, NGOs and others involved in the poor areas of Africa and other parts of the world. The lack of clean water for drinking and irrigating is one of the biggest problems in tropical areas, especially the desert ones or drought ones. According to UN data, more than 800 million people don’t have access to clean water, while for thirst and diseases related to the scarcity and related also to the quality of water, die each year about 3.4 million people.

Nova Somor is an innovative start up with a social vocation and is very sensitive to such requests, but unfortunately does not have the economic resources to satisfy them directly. The missionaries and NGOs almost never have money or have very little. For this reason we decided to offer the option of connecting “supply and demand” in this specific context. Companies, institutional benefactors, foundations or just generous people can help to finance the production and the shipping of solar pumps in disadvantaged areas.

It’s about precise projects, defined by place of action, characteristics and size of the operation, costs and lead times. Nova Somor will reduce by at least 50% of its usual margins. Who donates can follow in real time the progress of the project which has decided to join and his name will be reported in our WEB site next to the financed project. Of course for substantial sponsorships you can enable projects developed specifically for the request of the benefactor.