Solar Pumps

Hydraulic thermodynamic pumps with solar energy or waste heat

The Nova Somor solar pumps are a range of innovative solar energy that does not use PV. There is no passage, with all the losses of the case, between solar energy, electric energy and finally useful mechanical work. Our solar pumps absorb solar radiation and directly produce useful mechanical work, in this case used for pumping water from wells, rivers, reservoirs and other sources. They can also work at night with a little accessory that burns wood or some agricultural dry waste.

It is a “gentle” approach and with a very low environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of the product. During the use phase of the impact is zero, because they do not burn fuel, do not use electricity and does not issue any climate-changing gases. Only in the case of use at night or with the sky covered of clouds, then it burns “poor” fuel or agricultural waste or some wood. In the construction phase are used lathes, machines for the molding of components and other conventional machines for the precision mechanics, in the context of environmentally friendly companies. During disposal you can separate and recycle everything, without the typical problems of photovoltaic solar panels. The volatile gas is recovered together with the little oil lubricant used and there are no other pollutants. It is also a product made entirely in Italy.

The Nova Somor solar pumps are made mainly of aluminum and steel, with a piston solution that has no energy loss and can exploit every kg of thrust provided by the thermodynamic cycle. All our machines are completely mechanical, without any electric component. The controls and instruments are minimized or are even absent. Anyway, these are not electric nor electronic. Everything is designed to be simple, robust and easy to repair. Fewer things there are on the machine and less things can break.

Each model of solar pump is equipped with a manual emergency pumping system that allows use even in case of failure or temporary absence of sources of energy, or to the sun or heat produced in another way.

Each model has its own range of products and accessories and are identified with the following initials: NS1 (with tile-shaped solar collector), NS2 (in flat panels), NS3 (in waste heat, no solar panels), or NS4 burner (burner only).

To choose the best model for your needs, you should first read “The solar pumps performance” »



You comfortably carrie the solar pump to a source of water, thanks to the wheels and push handles or mounting the frame and lie flat panels and the block pump / motor, then connect the intake hoses and discharge.


For the proper position are supplied solar collimators, tables with the correct degree of tilt in reference to the latitude and the season and other simple tools. No electric component is “on board”: no GPS!


Once the solar pump is oriented “North-South”, tilted perpendicular to the sun and raised off the ground on its own media, it expects the solar pump arrivals at operating temperature and then start it by moving the lever of the manual emergency.


The solar pump works with the sun’s energy or, thanks to an accessory, with a little wood or agricultural waste. It turns itself on when there is enough sun and it turns itself off if there is no sun or no water.



To water synergistic, organic, biodynamic or traditional vegetable gardens, to fill storage tanks or drip systems, for small plots of land or for greenhouses. You need water when the sun is shining, so the combination is perfect.


To provide drinking water to villages and communities where there are no other sources of energy, to accumulate and fill reservoirs of all kinds, for water supplies in homes, camping sites, holiday parks and beaches, in the workplace, to pump the collected water with the rains by an accumulation to another and wherever is required to move water without consuming electricity or fuel.


To move water from a stream or other source to the tanks of the breeding farm, for recirculating water in closed cycles, and also to create water tanks to be used for specific purposes. It can also be used with salt water.


For watering small herds of sheep, pigs, cattle or goats, for chicken, turkey, geese or duck farming, carrying water every day even if there is no sun thanks to an accessory that burns agricultural waste, or by creating build-to-use tanks.


1. It is practical, easy to move and place, ideal for watering gardens of all kinds, small fields, for filling reservoirs or containers for agricultural or civilian use.

2. No electricity or fuel! The Nova Somor thermodynamic solar pump runs with the energy of the sun and is ideal even in isolated places with no connection to power sources.

3. Thanks to a small accessory, with very little wood or agricultural waste, the solar thermodynamic Nova Somor pump works even if it is cloudy and even at night!

4. No electric component is “on board” the Nova Somor solar thermodynamic pump: a solar collimator is supplied for correct positioning, not a GPS!

5. Ideal for filling reservoirs or containers for drip irrigation, the thermodynamic Nova Somor solar pump is the right equipment for synergistic vegetable gardens, greenhouses and biodynamic cultivation.

6. No CO2 emissions, no electricity or fuel, no solar panels or other materials difficult to dispose of at the end of life, built to last many decades, the thermodynamic Nova Somor solar pump is unmatched in terms of low environmental impact.

7. The cost is competitive, both when purchased, and whilst using it because it does not use any pay-energy sources and does not require any maintenance, apart from being stored indoors or under a tarp in the winter.


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