Today, July 27th 2015, was delivered one of our Solar pump NS1 at the laboratory of the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Bologna “Alma Mater Studiorum”. Professor Ing. Michele Bianchi, Professor of machines and systems for energy and the environment, has decided to invest in our technology and has purchased one of our eliopompe, modified with the addition of a second plate heat exchanger for testing in the laboratory, where solar energy is simulated with a kettle. We have also provided a special metallic support to facilitate the placement and use in the laboratory.

During testing bench took place last Thursday, the professor told us that the department intends to know and study our appliance to be able to start a search and then propose a collaboration to sell us the results of their work. Considering our machine the most promising of those who have appeared on the market in recent years. This approach means that the University believes in our technology and believes in our business success, since it is expected that they will pay for their work! It is an injection of confidence in the difficult and laborious start-up phase.

For what concerns us we do not ask better than to be able to collaborate with a prestigious university, rich in skills like the one of Bologna. We can not develop all the research and we need above all a support for the complicated thermodynamic calculations, made even more difficult by the fact of operating in a technology very little explored and the almost complete absence of specific scientific literature. We had tried in 2014 to approach with other universities, but without success. This new opportunity fills us with enthusiasm and opens up new interesting perspectives.